Backroom Casting Couch - Erin - E522

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Added: Jul 16, 2018
Description: 24 year old real life lesbian Erin's girlfriend supports her ambitions to suck and fuck pr0n boyz on camera. As a waitress it's tough to make a living, let alone travel and have nice stuff like Erin and her pussy partner would like. Erin has had sex with a few guys in her life but she doesn't give blowjobs, never swallowed or tasted cum, never tried anal. But it's not until Vince is about to fuck her in doggy when we found out that it's actually 2 years (!) since Erin has had a man inside her. So we split-screen the moment when Vince penetrates that practically virgin pussy. "Finally fucked!", Erin's face seems to say. She is visibly relieved and turned on when she gets her first cock in 2 years. And yes, her slits are vice grip tight but somehow our cock lord Vince manages to not cum early. In fact, our champ manages to give Erin an orgasm - her first from a guy! Well done, Sir!
Anal was a hard "no!" during the interview so we don't even push that issue in order avoid a walk-out (had too many this month already). For a woman who prefers carpet to wood, Erin does a really great job pleasing Vince's cock. We do get her to taste cum for the first time in her life though: Vince ejaculates inside her while in reverse cowgirl, then makes her push out some cum and has her lick it up. But oh-oh - a lesbian with a girlfriend doesn't usually have to worry about birth control. And sure enough, Erin is not on the pill or anything else. We graciously hook her up with a Morning After pill, make her take it on camera, and then send her packing with promises of having the producers calling her soon...

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